Inline Conformal Coating Dip Systems

The conformal coating inline and batch dip systems provide reliable, fully flexible, automated inline and batch dip application platforms for medium and high volume processing.

Based upon standard dip coating technology, the precision built dipping, control and curing modules are fully customisable, to provide a total conformal coating inline dipping solution to suit customer needs.

The inline and batch dip system comes with a single tank or can be installed with multile dip tanks for the storage of conformal coatings.

SCH dip systems are compatible with conformal coating materials and can be used be changed for processing silicone and UV confomal coating materials.

SCH Technologies sell inline conformal coating dip systems


  • Single or Multiple dip tanks for conformal coatings
  • Fully controllable immersion, dwell and withdrawal speed and angle of drain contro
  • Compatible with all conformal coating materials
  • Options for processing silicone and UV conformal coating materials
  • Full temperature and viscosity control available
  • Full custom PCB handling and delivery systems
  • Inline infrared, convection and UV cure modules available
  • Vertical or horizontal dip coating systems
  • Inline through pass or return systems
  • SMEMA controls available
  • Fully ATEX control systems where required
  • Automatic dosing and top up systems for material viscosity control and filling
  • Full PLC and PC control with options such as 2D Barcode monitoring and data collection
  • Full extraction control and balancing
  • Low level material sensors where specified
  • Fire suppression systems available where legislation specifies
  • Fully CE certified to the appropriate standards


Setting up a conformal coating equipment line?

Consider our conformal coating equipment bundles.

Conformal coating inline dip coating FAQs

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