Conformal Coating Masking Shapes

Pre-cut masking tape shapes and roll for conformal coatingPre-cut masking shapes for conformal coating help in speeding up the masking process for printed circuit boards. They are extremely easy to apply and very convenient to use.

The reason for this is simple. Instead of having to cut masking tape to shape, which can create long process times, the masking shapes are already pre-cut on a tape sheet or roll. So, the custom shapes are simply removed from the sheet when needed.

This saves a lot of masking time.

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Five reasons pre-cut masking shapes for conformal coating can save you money

Pre-cut masking shapes for conformal coatingOur masking shapes are specifically designed for the conformal coating process. Therefore, we use them all the time in our own conformal coating services and they are proven to work.

They are:

  • Residue free. Therefore, you don’t contaminate the circuit board.
  • Compatible with solvents. So, they don’t melt, shrink or degrade in production.
  • Silicone free so do not cause de-wetting. Thus, conformal coatings do not pull away from the shapes.
  • Easily removed. They are not super-sticky and won’t damage components when taken off.
  • Designed to prevent bleeding and leaking. They don’t lift during production as they have excellent adhesion.

This means you can save a lot of money very quickly when switching to pre-cut masking shapes compared to cutting your own shapes from tape.

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Conformal Coating masking shapes

We are happy to provide a quotation for our masking shapes so you can see for yourself how much you can save.

Just provide us with three pieces of information:

  • Provide a picture of the board you wish to test because we can check for any problems in design.
  • Identify the components or areas you need to mask along with dimensions so we can help review your process needs.
  • Give us the number of shapes you would like to quote for because we can provide sheets for low volume and rolls for higher volumes.

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Want to know more about conformal coating and the masking process?

Check out Nexus, an independent conformal coating resource, who provide detailed information on the masking process, and provide detailed examples for you to use in all areas of conformal coating.




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