Conformal Coating Removal

Conformal coating removal and rework of printed circuit boards (PCBs) as a subcontract coating service using all methods available on all types of coating.SCH provide subcontract Parylene and conformal coating removal and rework of printed circuit boards (PCBs) as an outsourced coating service for customers due to the processes being generally difficult.

First of all stripping the coating may require materials that may be hazardous to the operator due to their toxicity.

Furthermore,  the process may require specialist skills, systems and experience to remove. Finally, the process may be just too inconvenient to complete and it is easy to outsource the process.

Removal and stripping of conformal coating from a printed circuit board (PCB) can be one of the most difficult processes to master. This is because there is a fine line to be balanced between removing the Parylene or conformal coating quickly and efficiently whilst not damaging the circuit board.

Therefore, outsourcing the conformal coating rework is an option.

How to remove conformal coating

Our standard conformal coating removal services include chemical stripping, mechanical abrasion and plasma etching.

  • Chemical stripping is highly successful in removing most conformal coatings using compatible proprietary chemistries. This is for both localised rework and for complete stripping of the whole circuit board. When assessing if this is a suitable solution we consider the type of conformal coating to be removed and other factors like the durability of components on the circuit board to the solvents used.
  • Mechanical abrasion is also effective for removing conformal coatings. However, it is most efficient in removing smaller areas due to the potential time constraints of the process. This is a typical process for removal of materials like Parylene.
  • Finally, for some materials like Parylene a possible option is plasma etching. We can remove thin layers of Parylene quite easily using proprietary processes leaving the circuit board fully stripped.



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