Conformal Coatings in the Automotive Industry 

conformal coatings are used regularly in the automotive sectorThe number of electronic systems and circuit board assemblies used in the automotive industry continues to grow an incredible rate due to the increasingly sophisitcated needs of vehicles in both functionaility and reliability.

The harsh environment that these electronics are expected to continue to work is also getting worse.

The average circuit board now gets exposed to a merciless cocktail of conditions including high humidity, extreme temperature, noxious chemicals and salt-spray, making the working environment of electronic circuit boards in the automotive industry one of the harshest in the world.

Further, the competitive nature of the electronics manufacture process coupled with the disaster of a recall on a product range means that the protection of the profit margins of the manufacturers through improvement of the long term reliability of the electronics assemblies is critical.

Conformal coatings and the application of the materials is one of the most important methods for ensuring that the long term reliability of the electronics is improved by preventing degradation of the PCBs through corrosion, chemical attack and electrochemical migration.

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