DS102 Bench top dip coating system

The DS102 Bench top dip system is a precision built, laboratory dip machine for low volume batch application of conformal coatings and paints to products such as printed circuit boards.

The DS102 Bench top dip system is designed with a removal tank from the main body.

Being entirely pneumatic, the machine is safe to use with flammable materials and the automatic dip cycle process provides a smooth immersion and withdrawal rate which eliminates air entrapment and ensures an even film.

The bench top conformal coating dip system from SCH Technologies is ideal for lab work

Standard features

  • A pneumatically driven control system operating from a single air inlet to meet the most stringent H&S needs
  • Front-mounted lever operation for easy operation
  • Simple adjustment of speed of immersion and withdrawal through a single valve control
  • Detachable tank with lid to allow multiple coatings to be used and stored away from the system
  • RoHS Compliant System
  • Adjustable feet for leveling of tank


  • Flow cup, viscosity tables and stop watch for material viscosity control
  • Teflon coated tank and lid
  • Custom tank and dip system sizes
  • Customised PCB jigging and carriers


The system is constructed of a solvent resistant stainless steel frame with solvent resistant stainless tank internal panels and tank.

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions: ( approximate) 370mm wide x 320mm deep x 470mm high (720mm when extended-250mm stroke)
  • Dip tank: Stainless steel dip tank usable area is approximately 288mm long x 98 mm wide x 242 mm deep.
  • Range of dip speed: 0-150mm/min
  • Tank Capacity: approximate 6 litres
  • Weight inc. tank and lid : 12.7kg
  • Crate Dimensions for shipment: 50cm x 52cm x 60cm


Clean, dry, compressed air at 80 psi


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DS102 Bench top dip coating system for conformal coatings and paints

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