Fluoropolymer Nano-Coatings

Nano-coatings protect circuit boards but do not require maskingSCH Technologies supply ultra-thin Nano-coatings made of fluoropolymer chemistries. This provides low cost solutions to protecting printed circuit boards from the environment around them.

These ultra-thin coatings have many different properties that are extremely important for circuit board protection.

First, they can have hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent) behaviour that provides a high moisture barrier and corrosion resistance protection for the circuits.

Furthermore, the Nano-coating can be ultra-thin while providing this protection. So normally, no masking is needed for protecting components like connectors that would normally be contaminated with conformal coatings. This significantly reduces the cost of the production process because one of the largest costs in conformal coating production (the labour for masking and de-masking) is removed.

Also, the coatings can have other specialist properties that include high and low temperature resistance, high lubricity, UV stability and a range of hardness grades from ultra soft to extremely hard surface resistance that can help in protecting electronics.

Finally, we can customise the technology to create custom formulations since you may need a specialist coating for your project.

Therefore, these ultra-thin coatings can offer an effective alternative to conformal coatings, providing high quality, low cost solutions to protecting circuit boards and other products.

Nano-coating range

The fluoropolymer Nano-coating range includes :

We apply fluoropolymer coatings to many different circuit boards because they are tried and tested and solve many peoples problems.

Hence, this gives us confidence that we can find you the right Nano coating material for your project without compromising your options.

Why use Nano-coatings to protect circuit boards?

Nano coatings are no mask conformal coatings with great water repellent propertiesNano-coatings are a subset of liquid protective coatings like conformal coatings that are for protecting printed circuit board assemblies (PCBs).

They have very specialised properties due to their fluoropolymer based chemical structure and design. These specialist properties can include:

  • Being highly hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent)
  • Excellent moisture barrier and excel at preventing corrosion
  • Do not require masking before coating since they are so thin
  • Strong chemical resistance, lubricity (reduced friction) and dielectric properties due to the fluorinated chemistry

Fluoropolymer Nano-coatings are extremely flexible materials since they have so many diverse properties. SCH use them in many engineering projects in many different sectors of industry.


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