CB100 Conformal Coating Spray Booth

The CB100 Spray Booth is designed specifically for spray application of materials such as conformal coatings and RFI EMI shielding paints onto printed circuit boards and small size products.

The CB100 Spray Booth is a free standing, purpose built system, which can be made to customer’s size and specification requirements. The CB100 is designed for safe application of coatings whilst spraying, without compromise to performance, quality or throughput.

Standard features

  • The latest in HVLP spray gun technology giving a repeatable film thickness with the minimum amount of training
  • Downward draft extraction, coupled with the high quality spray gun ensures minimal over spray wastage and minimises health & safety risk
  • Manual turntable at an ergonomic application height for full 360 degress coverage
  • UVA Ultraviolet light for in situ inspection DURING spraying to aid the operator in ensuring a high quality of application is achieved without compromise to health & safety
  • White light for further inspection and maintenance.
  • Easy access work cupboard with two doors for storage of consumables etc.
  • Easy change low cost filtration reduces consumable costs without compromise to safety.


  • Automated turntable for automatic 90 degree indexing of the circuit boards to be processed
  • Varying sized dual stainless steel pressure pots for use with pre-blended conformal coatings to minimise operator exposure to mixing, blending & spray gun cleaning and also reduce spray booth downtime due to repeat filling.
  • Laminate transparent spray screen for reduced extraction requirements if facilities are limited.
  • Face mask, carbon filter and regulator for highly toxic materials.
  • Teflon Coated internal panels for easy clean within the booth
  • Solvent exposure alarms including data-logging for in-situ real time monitoring of operator safety
  • Fire Suppression System to meet required regulations
  • Custom designs and size options


  • Exterior powder coated WHITE, interior brushed stainless steel. Fabricated from strong, durable steel panels with fully riveted seams.

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions ( approx) 1800 mm high x 985 mm wide x 795 mm deep.
  • Weight: approx 150kg
  • Crate Dimensions for shipment
  • Weight of Fully packaged system within crate


  • Clean, dry, compressed air at 80 psi
  • 305mm extraction connection to spray booth via spigot
  • 13A Single phase electricity supply
  • 8mm push fit air inlet
  • 980 Cubic ft per min (CFM) extraction (0.7 m/s air velocity)


If you’re planning to install a piece of equipment, please check the exact specification of the brochure with us. All details shown in all brochures are subject to change between publication dates.

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