Coating protection of telecommunications applications

Protective materials like conformal coatings, RFI Shielding, encapsulating and potting compounds  have huge applications in the telecommunications sector. There are various benefits in using this coatings in this industry.

The most critical benefit of coatings in the telecommunications sector is the protection from environmental factors like moisture, salt spray and humidity. In uncoated circuit boards, these factors will cause corrosion, electrochemical migration and current leakage leading to poor performance or failure of the product. Coatings protect the circuits from these elements and ensure the functionality of the electronic product is extended for a longer life.

The PCB designs in today’s telecommunication is complex. With minaturisation in the  telecommunications sector being the dominant requirement the move towards smaller and light weight devices. Even with a well designed product like a mobile phone or tablet, the design engineers  must maximize the function of the device and keep them from interfering with each other.  This can be achieved with RFI / EMI Shielding products which include coatings.

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