The use of conformal coatings on military electronics 

The military all over the world uses specialized equipment and electronics systems in all areas of defense including land, sea and air. Conformal Coatings are one part of a range of electronic materials and processes that are critical for the protection of military technologies, ensuring their reliability and long life.

A conformal coating can give electrical, physical and mechanical protection to printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are at the core of any electronic equipment system. The conformal coatings can protect the PCBs in environments of high moisture, temperature and particulate contamination and provide protection from critical areas such as chemical, nuclear and biological (NBC) attack ensuring the coated equipment remains functional and reliable under demanding conditions.

Areas of use for conformal coatings in the military include communications systems, military vehicles including rugged ground vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, aircraft carriers, attack helicopters, fighter jets, bombers, transports and much more. All of these systems containing circuitry components which require enhanced performance compared to everyday life and the application of conformal coatings provides much of that protection.

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