Dr Lee Hitchens

Dr Lee Hitchens, Nexus Conformal Coating Consultant
Dr Lee Hitchens
SCH Technologies

Dr Hitchens has worked in the conformal coating and reliability sector of the electronics industry for over 21 years and has considerable experience in all areas of electronics reliability & conformal coating processing.

Currently, Dr Hitchens spends his time as Technical Director of SCH Technologies Ltd, with the different global conformal coating companies based in North America, Europe and Asia, and Nexus, a conformal coating consultancy company.

Dr Hitchens believes in being the complete solution provider starting with the customers issues and providing economic and practical results.

Before entering the electronics industry Dr Hitchens completed his degree in Engineering Physics at Sheffield Hallam University and his Doctorate PhD in semiconductor Physics at Sheffield University.

From there Dr Hitchens began work as a scientist at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory in the area of electronics reliability and process control of production for three years.

His area of expertise included long term reliability and corrosion analysis of circuit boards including cutting edges techniques such as surface insulation resistance (SIR) measurements and cleanliness testing.

After this, Dr Hitchens worked as a technical support manager for Humiseal, one of the largest conformal coatings manufacturer for eight years.  His role included account management, trouble shooting customer problems, analysis of customer reliability issues and the introduction of conformal coating and cleaning solutions.