Coating MaterialsSCH Technologies provide coating materials including conformal coatings, fluorpolymer Nano-coatings, Parylene dimer and cleaning fluids.

SCH Technologies provide a range of protective thin and thick film coating materials along with other electronics process materials since manufacturing requires many different solutions.

These include:

All of these process materials can be supplied with full training covering all aspects of coating, cleaning, application and curing because SCH understands the importance support for their customers.

Range of materials

Conformal coatings

The Trinity range of conformal coatings is a high quality set of materials that also includes acrylic, polyurethane and silicones at a highly cost effective price. Further, the range includes both commercial and UL approved grade conformal coatings where qualification is important.

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SCH Technologies provides a complete range of fluoropolymer based, Nano-coatings so that you have several options to choose from.

These ultra-thin coatings can include properties including hydrophobic and oleophobic protection, high and low temperature stability, UV stability, ultra-hard and soft finishes and solvent safe blends so you ensure you get the optimum choice.

The Nano-coatings we offer are high performance materials while still offering high quality, low cost solutions for protecting circuit boards and other products.

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Cleaning fluids

SCH provide a complete range of solvent and aqueous based cleaning materials for both printed circuit board cleaning and stencil cleaning from Surclean. Our different cleaning media can be used in offline and inline cleaning systems, in high end cleaning and in manual operations because users need flexibility in processing.

We also offer the highest quality performance cleaning media at the most cost effective price.

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