SCH exhibit their custom conformal coating masking boots at SMT Nuremberg Show in Germany in May

masking boots

The use of other materials such as masking tapes, dots and liquid latex can be an effective process in protecting components from ingress of conformal coating.

However, the masking can be labour intensive, difficult and time consuming.

Recyclable masking boots offer a labour saving alternative in both the masking and de-masking stages of the coating process.

This saves you time and money.

Three reasons conformal coating masking boots save you money

Here are three simple reasons that can leave you saving up to 80% of your costs compared to masking tape:

  1. Masking time is reduced. Using masking boots can be 4-5 times quicker than masking tape for protecting components.
  2. De-masking time is reduced. Again it is much quicker to remove masking boots than tape.
  3. Masking boots don’t leak. So less repair and higher reliability in the masking process.

This means you can save a lot of money very quickly when switching to masking boots.

Want to find out why you can save money using reusable conformal coating masking boots?

Find out more by visiting us at the SMT Show and see our example masking at our stand number 345 in Hall 4 and discussing your masking needs.

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