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Conformal coating training is not a widely available service to offer companies.

Yet, almost all companies can benefit from working on some aspect of the conformal coating process, whether that is to improve process control, reduce defect rates and / or understand how to select a process that is optimum to them.

SCH Technologies deliver quality conformal coating training courses both on and off site for customers who wish to operate state of the art processing.

Whether you plan to install a conformal coating process or currently use conformal coatings we can help to develop or optimise your process, to ensure you achieve the best performance.


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What can SCH offer for conformal coating training?

Unfortunately, for too many designers, conformal coating is simply a part number, to be applied to circuit boards. However, this can be a major problem especially in the conformal coating production stage of the process.

SCH Technologies can offer expert conformal coating training in all areas of coating including:

  • Application techniques
  • Material selection
  • Process optimisation
  • Trouble shooting
  • Health & safety
  • Specialist areas of training

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Areas of training in detail

SCH use a range of conformal coating application methods used in our coating servicesAs well as general courses in conformal coating, SCH Technologies can tailor the course to meet a customers needs and ensure the maximum knowledge is imparted to the trainees. We can train in all areas including

Process control

  • Process optimization and measurement
  • Parylene optimization
  • Troubleshooting your process
  • Cleanliness and reliability

Inspection & standards

  • Manual inspection
  • IPC Inspection standards and interpretation
  • Development of pass / fail criteria

New product introduction

  • Material selection
  • Application selection
  • Process implementation

Application processes

  • Batch spraying
  • Batch dipping
  • Selective robotic spray
  • Removal and stripping masking & de-masking
  • Curing and drying

Contact Us now to find out more about why conformal coating training could provide the best solution for you.

Key Points

  • Conformal coating training can be provided anywhere in the world
  • We cover all areas of the coating process. This includes application techniques, material selection, optimisation, health & safety and trouble shooting plus specialist areas of training
  • We uniquely offer tailored solutions on all aspects of conformal coating

Contact Us now to find out more about why conformal coating training could provide the best solution for you.


As conformal coating experts, SCH Technologies offer a unique and comprehensive service to the electronics industry. SCH develop & manufacture a complete range of conformal coating equipment, offer conformal coatings and other thin film technologies and provide global leading subcontract conformal coating service.

Whatever issues you currently have in training we can certainly help and are available to offer advice however complex.



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