Conformal coating consultation

SCH Technologies is a Consultant Member of the unique Nexus3C Conformal Coating Consultancy.

This allows customers of SCH to receive unparalleled service, knowledge and analysis to address the many issues and problems which occur regularly in the world of electronics manufacturing related to coating, cleanliness and long term reliability. The consultation services SCH can offer include troubleshooting, bench mark evaluation, NPI (New Product Introduction) and support contracts for long term peace of mind.

Benchmarking PCBcoated2

A complete review of the conformal coating processes including related areas such as cleaning, manufacture etc to give an in depth report on the current healthiness of the process.


When problems occur it is normally quicker and lower cost to ask an expert what the problem is and fix it. Our experts have solutions for the majority of issues and long down times and costly analysis can be significantly reduced.

New Product Introduction

Bringing in a new material or system can be more cost effective and minimise risk by working with independent consultants who can offer their advice on what to choose.

Don’t delay in contacting SCH. If you need help with your conformal coating processes or have cleanliness or long term reliability issues then contact us directly or Click SCH for Help and Support for your conformal coating problems.

Want to know that help is always at hand?

Purchase a Support Package from SCH that guarantees that we will be there for you when problems occur. Don’t wait until its too late. Contact SCH now and find out how our Support Packages can prevent problems in the future and help you when trouble arrives.

Contact SCH here for conformal coating support packages.

Why use a consultant?

SCH is part of the Nexus Global Conformal Coating Resource, an independent Consultancy offering support to the electronics industry.

With specialists in thin film technology, parylene coating and vapour deposition, and application and process control, there will be an expert who can help you quickly and efficiently when you need it.


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