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SCH provide a unique and complete global conformal coating solution.

We offer global subcontract conformal coating and parylene coating services, manufacture and provide a range of conformal coating equipment, distribute the MG Chemicals conformal coatings, and uniquely offer conformal coating training & consultancy.

Our customer based, technical approach to all conformal coating projects ensures the customer gets what they want and achieves the best return on their investment whether that is outsourcing services or in-house production.

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Conformal Coating Subcontract Services

We are a leading global service provider for conformal coatings and RFI Shielding Paints with facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.


Parylene Coating Equipment and Dimer


SCH provide Parylene Coating Systems and the Parylene Dimers for customers to apply the coating in their own facilities. We also provide full technical support for the process including operating a turn key solution within the customers factory.


Parylene Coating Services


Parylene Process schematic

SCH provide global subcontract conformal coating service for Parylene for those who wish to outsource the process and not invest in the capital equipment.


Coating Systems and Machines


Conformal Coating Equipment

SCH offer a full range of application systems for conformal coating processing which includes spray booths, dip coating systems, UV cure conveyors, inspection booths and conformal coating AOI.


Electronics Process Materials


Electronics Process Materials from MG Chemicals

The MG Chemicals range of materials for printed circuit board protection includes conformal coatings, masking tapes, dots and boots, encapsulation, potting, RFI / EMI Shielding coatings, electrically and thermally conductive epoxies and adhesives.


Consultancy Solutions Tailored to a Customers Needs


Conformal Coating Consultation and Support Contracts

SCH offer Consultation for Troubleshooting, New Product Introduction (NPI), Benchmarking and Support Contracts for customers who want to be the best in their conformal coating process.


 Unique Training Packages and Courses


Conformal Coating Training

SCH offer quality conformal coating training both on and off site for customers who wish to operate state of the art processing and improve their staff knowledge and awareness.


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Fundamental Questions on conformal coating
Support Packages for Conformal Coating Problems
Global Services - Conformal Coating Subcontract Services

Examine our technical Bulletins covering a range of issues relating to conformal coating processing

Why use conformal coating and what does it actually do?

All the basic questions that need answers

Need to know that support is always there when you need it for your conformal coating problems?

SCH is part of a Group of Global Subcontract conformal coating and Parylene Service Providers

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SCH Technologies is a member of Nexus3C Conformal Coating Consultancy

SCH Technologies - the History

Established since August 2000, SCH Services Ltd initially started life as a UK subcontract conformal coating service but quickly grew to introduce its own range of equipment. This was entirely due to the lack of market availability for the right design of batch coating equipment suitable for its own services. This equipment has evolved with time to the point where it could be offered for sale to customers who wished to process in house and due to the demand,  SCH over the years had brought in conformal coating materials, training, consultancy, a new range of process materials from MG Chemicals and other systems to distribute alongside its own brand.

Still privately owned, SCH took a major step forward in 2012 with a partnership agreed with Diamond MT in North America. Diamond MT, a leading coating service in parylene and liquid coating services, had a similar philosophy to SCH. They wanted to provide conformal coating solutions to customers but found the global nature of the electronics industry was forcing them to consider increasing their reach around the world. It was a natural step after this to form Diamond SCH, the Asian Division of the partnership and the Diamond Global Conformal Coating Service Group was born.

Now, globally, the Diamond Group uniquely offer Parylene, liquid conformal coating and RFI shielding coating services across three continents plus provide the equipment, materials, consultancy and training to customers that want to process their printed circuit boards in house rather than subcontract out. This is truly the full conformal coating solution that customers ultimately require.

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Latest Conformal Coating Services Articles

What are the top 3 ways to remove conformal coating from a localised area of the PCB?

It is possible to remove small areas of coating for 99% of conformal coatings without damaging the circuit board below. The three main techniques generally used are: Local chemical stripping of the conformal coating Mechanical Abrasion of the conformal coating Soldering through the conformal coating Each process has its own issues. Local Chemical Stripping of […] (full article)

Sat, 06 Sep 2014 07:28:43 +0000

Review your Conformal Coating Equipment needs at our booth at the Bangalore Show in September and find out how you can improve your process and save money.

SCH has launched a full range of conformal coating systems in India this year that can be ordered in Rupees, US dollars, Euros or Pounds! In India, sometimes importing can be complicated, costly and time-consuming. SCH have addressed these issues in many ways including: Opening an Indian office to allow easy payment for systems and […] (full article)

Fri, 05 Sep 2014 09:39:03 +0000

SCH launch a NEW NON-SELECTIVE inline spray system for uniform conformal coating film application for medium and high volume coating processing

Conformal coating atomised spray application using a spray gun is an excellent method for applying coatings to printed circuit boards. However, the problem can be that depending on the coating used, the circuit board to be coated and the thickness tolerance demanded, it can be difficult to get repeatable results. Dr Lee Hitchens, Technical Director […] (full article)

Thu, 04 Sep 2014 10:43:06 +0000

Latest News

Bright Shield conformal coatings to be distributed through SCH Technologies in India

Bright Shield conformal coatings to be distributed through SCH Technologies in India

Trinity Shields is proud to announce the distribution of Bright Shield conformal coatings through SCH Technologies for the Asian market at the Electronica Exhibition in Bangalore, India in September 2014.

Posted: Wed 03-Sep-2014 10:02AM

Conformal Coating AOI at Electronica

Conformal Coating AOI at Electronica

Review your conformal coating inspection needs at our stand in September

Posted: Mon 18-Aug-2014 10:31AM

Free Conformal Coating Masking Boot Samples

Free Conformal Coating Masking Boot Samples

Visit our stand 3125 at Electronica Bangalore and reduce your costs now

Posted: Wed 06-Aug-2014 3:07PM

SCH Exhibit at Electronica India in September

SCH Exhibit at Electronica India in September

Come and meet us at Stand 3125. We are exhibiting conformal coating equipment, materials and masking solutions.

Come and meet us and discuss your conformal coating needs.

Posted: Thu 31-Jul-2014 9:14AM

NEW Technical Bulletin

Selecting a Conformal Coating Material. Ask the right questions.

Posted: Wed 21-May-2014 10:11AM

Confused with conformal coating?

Start here at our new Start Up Page

Posted: Tue 20-May-2014 12:02PM

NEW Technical Bulletin

NEW Technical Bulletin

Setting up a conformal coating facility. Learn how to do it correctly by downloading the bulletin now

Posted: Wed 06-Nov-2013 11:32AM

Diamond MT saved 60% on masking boots

Diamond MT saved 60% on masking boots

DMT switched to SCH boots. Find out why

Posted: Wed 06-Nov-2013 10:10AM

Money Back Guarantee on Masking Boots

Money Back Guarantee on Masking Boots

Take a free trial of our masking boots and if you order any we offer a money back guarantee that we will save you money

Posted: Mon 28-Oct-2013 10:18AM

NEW Equipment Bundles

NEW Equipment Bundles

Buy a turn key conformal coating equipment package NOW

Posted: Tue 22-Oct-2013 11:10AM

NEW Conformal Coating Masking Technical Bulletin

NEW Conformal Coating Masking Technical Bulletin

Technical Bulletin available to Download

Posted: Mon 14-Oct-2013 3:31PM

NEW UV Cure Equipment Range

NEW UV Cure Equipment Range

SCH increase their product listing for UV cure systems

Posted: Fri 11-Oct-2013 3:58PM

NEW Parylene Machines and Dimers

NEW Parylene Machines and Dimers

SCH have added to the range of conformal coating equipment with new Parylene coating systems and raw material dimer

Posted: Tue 08-Oct-2013 9:15AM

NEW Conformal Coating Masking Materials

NEW Conformal Coating Masking Materials

SCH launch its own range of reusable masking boots, tapes and dots for processing

Posted: Thu 25-Jul-2013 9:01AM

UV200 UV Cure Conveyor

UV200 UV Cure Conveyor

SCH have launched a new SMEMA UV Cure Conveyor to meet the highest demands of inline processing of UV cure conformal coatings.

Posted: Thu 07-Mar-2013 10:22AM

Modus Automated Conformal Coating Inspection Systems Now Available from SCH

Modus Automated Conformal Coating Inspection Systems Now Available from SCH

SCH Technologies are working as a partner with German company, Modus, to provide an Automated Conformal Coating Inspection System for automatic inspection of conformal coatings and defect detection.

Posted: Sat 28-Apr-2012 11:09AM