SC 2500 cleaning material

Surclean have a range of aqueous and solvent based cleaning chemistries for circuit board assembliesThe SC2500 cleaning fluid from Surclean is a new technology that offers a high performance semi-aqueous solution for fast, effective removal of flux residues and other soils from electronic assemblies.

Main facts

  • New technology. Advanced micro emulsion solution combined with dual action saponifiers and custom Surclean buffer chemistry.
  • Powerful action with the power of solvent cleaning combined with the safety and environmental advantages of aqueous based materials.
  • High performance cleaning for fast, effective removal of a  wide range of post solder flux residues, uncured solder paste and adhesive from misprinted PCB’s.
  • Highly effective. Removes any flux type that can be cleaned including almost all no-cleans.
  • Recommended for use in all types automated cleaning systems as it is non-foaming.
  • Wide range of process applications including manual, batch and inline spray type systems.
  • Flexible. Recommended for all types of automated cleaning systems requiring concentrated chemical solution.
  • Usable from 20 deg. C through to 80 deg. C.
  • Stable. will not foam or leave white residue after rinsing.
  • Free from surfactants so does not degrade in use.
  • Environmentally safe. Free of surfactants, inorganic salts and halogenated compounds.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Economical in use. SC 2500 is diluted with water.
  • Safe and pleasant to use. SC 2500 is very low odor, non flammable and has very low toxicity.
  • Cost effective. Good price / performance ratio.
  • Available as a concentrate or pre-diluted ready for use, according to the type of cleaning system and the residues to be removed.

Standard pack availability

  • 5 litre container (Ready Diluted)
  • 25 litre container (Ready Diluted)
  • 5 litre container (Concentrate)
  • 25 litre container (Concentrate)


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