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Surclean cleaning chemistries are part of the Surclean Electronic Production Materials Division.

Surclean were established to provide innovative cost-effective, and environmentally friendly materials to the electronics industry

Surclean does not re-badge or re-market products from any other manufacturer. They offer a high quality range of technical cleaning materials, all manufactured and developed in house.

This allows Surclean to offer a high-quality product at a very competitive price that ensures the best results at a great price.

Surclean range of cleaning materials

Solvent based cleaning


Ecosolve 100 

Ecosolve 300

Surclean Ecosolve 100 is a mild cleaning solvent blend cleaning chemistry.

It is recommended for gentle cleaning and rinsing operations on electronic assemblies.

Surclean Ecosolve 200 is a strong solvent blend cleaning chemistry.

It is perfect as a localised flux cleaner where high levels of residues are present. 

Surclean Ecosolve 300 is a powerful solvent blend cleaning chemistry.

It is perfect for difficult cleaning applications. 

Water based cleaning


Surclean SC2500 cleaner is a high performance semi-aqueous solution formulated for fast, effective removal of flux residues and other soils from electronic assemblies.

Surclean SPR 2300 is an exceptionally strong semi-aqeous solution based on a combination of the exclusive Surclean aprotic solvent technology and a blend of water miscible solvents with dual action saponifiers.

Surclean SPR 2050 cleaner is a semi-aqueous solution acheived by a powerful custom synthesised aprotic solvent combined with dual action saponifiers.


Surclean SPR 2100 cleaner is a higher concentration version of SPR 2050 for enhanced removal rates of flux residues and other soils, including some hard to clean ‘no-clean’ types.

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Ecosolve 100

Ecosolve 200

Ecosolve 300

SC 2500

SPR 2300

SPR 2050

SPR 2100