Ecosolve 100 cleaning fluid

Surclean have a range of aqueous and solvent based cleaning chemistries for circuit board assembliesThe Ecosolve 100 solvent based cleaning material from Surclean is a blend of high purity Isopropanol alcohol and filtered de-ionised water.

it is a mild cleaning solvent recommended for gentle cleaning and rinsing operations on electronic assemblies.

Ecosolve 100 will remove white residues and fingerprint grease residues from PCB’s.

Main facts

  • Mild solvent blend for gentle cleaning and rinsing of PCBs. Perfect for light cleaning.
  • Removes light soils, greases, oils, finger prints and other sensitive cleaning tasks.
  • Final rinse to remove powder residues.
  • Reasonably fast drying due to IPA content. Because the IPA and DI water forms an azeotrope, the evaporation rate is faster than water alone.
  • The de-ionised water in Surclean Ecosolve 100 is filtered to 0.1 um. This is to remove all airborne spores, cysts and other particulates, carbon filtered to remove organic earth contaminants.
  • It is also filtered through a resin de-ionising system to a good level of non-conductivity. This allows Ecosolve 100 to be used as an intermediate or final rinsing cleaner for the removal of white residues from PCB’s.
  • Due to the high level of water quality, the PCB is free from ionic contamination which in turn reduces the risk of in service failure of the assembly due to surface insulation resistance degradation.
  • Ecosolve 100 is very compatible and very safe with plastics.
  • The material is very safe and has low level flammability.
  • Available in aerosol, trigger spray and bulk quantities.

Standard pack availability

  • 500ml trigger spray
  • 1 litre trigger spray
  • 5 litre container
  • 25 litre container


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