Electronics coatings and fluids

SCH Technologies provide a range of electronics process materials.

These include:

All of these materials are supplied with full training covering all aspects of application.

SCH understand the importance of research and development and therefore all the materials represents cutting edge technology at an affordable price.

Conformal coatings

SCH Technologies supplies a full range of conformal coatingsThe Trinity Range of conformal coatings includes acrylic, polyurethane and silicones at a highly cost effective price.

The MG Chemicals range also includes a number of specialist UL qualified Conformal Coatings including urethane, acrylic and silicone conformal coatings which can be used for a range of processes.

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Cleaning fluids

Surclean cleaning fluids for circuit boards and stencilsWe provide a complete range of solvent and aqueous based cleaning materials for both printed circuit board cleaning and stencil cleaning from Surclean.

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Hydrophobic fluorinated nano coating for protecting circuit boardsSCH Technologies represent Thin Film Partners with their fluoropolymer nano-coating range of materials.

These ultra-thin, hydrophobic coatings include high temperature and low temperature fluoropolymer films that offer high quality, low cost solutions to protecting circuit boards and other products.

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RFI / EMI shielding coatings

RFI shielding coatings for protecting circuit boardsA full range of EMI/RFI shielding coatings from MG Chemicals including copper, nickel, silver coated Copper and Graphite based materials.

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Epoxy compounds

Epoxy potting compounds to protect circuit boardsA complete range of epoxy potting and encapsulate materials including UL approved, thermally conductive and electrically conductive compounds.

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Greases and lubricants

A full range of Greases and Lubricants including Conductive, Heat Transfer, Thermal & Dielectric Greases and other Lubricants.

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A full range of adhesives and silicone materials including Cyanoacrylates, Electrically Conductive Adhesives and other Adhesives.

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