Conformal coating consultation – benchmarking

SCH technologies use a range of Conformal coating inspection processes in their coating servicesA Benchmark review of a conformal coating process from an outside expert will almost certainly lead to an improvement in processes and offer savings in time and / or money.

Engineers today are so busy it is difficult to keep up with the specialist niche fields relating to coating, cleanliness and reliability.

The reality is it is generally easier to hire a consultant when you need one that can tell you how well your processes compares to the cutting edge companies and techniques in operation today.


What does a conformal coating benchmark review offer?

The benchmark assessment would involve:

  • The complete analysis of a customer’s current conformal coating production process
  • Includes all parts of the line that can affect the coating process and the long term reliability of the circuit board.
  • The results are compared to industry standards and best practice.
  • The review is provided as a report with all issues, potential improvements and savings highlighted with alternatives suggested

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Would you like to know how good your conformal coating process really is?

Using the target coating thicknesses as an absolute value across the circuit board can be problematic. The reality is that the thickness will vary across the circuit board due to many factors including the surface tension of the liquid, the surface energy of the board surface, the design of the board, the material properties and the application method used.

Allow SCH to assess your processes and compare them against industry standards to aid improvement within the facility and avoid long term reliability problems.

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Why use a SCH consultant to benchmark your process?

SCH is part of the Nexus global conformal coating resource, an independent group offering support to the electronics industry.

With specialists in thin film technology, parylene coating and vapour deposition, and application and process control, there will be an expert who can help you quickly and efficiently when you need it.

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