Ecosolve 300 cleaning fluid

Surclean have a range of aqueous and solvent based cleaning chemistries for circuit board assembliesThe Ecosolve 300 cleaning material is a powerful solvent blend for difficult cleaning applications and is a good all round cleaning fluid.

Main facts

  • Powerful solvent blend for difficult cleaning applications.
  • Highly effective at cleaning. Removes white powder and flux residues.
  • Extremely cost-effective. Small amount required to mobilize a large volume of residue.
  • Very fast drying. Evaporates quickly at a rate similar to CFC 111 and 113 solvent type materials and leaves no residues.
  • Dries clean. Leaves no residues when evaporated.
  • Compatible with majority of plastics, rubbers and elastomers except some foam gaskets, LD ABS and Perspex.
  • Environment friendly. Contains no HFCs, HCFCs or CFCs. Oxidizes rapidly in air. Good replacement for HCFC’s, Vertrol and similar older technology solvents.
  • Flammable but only requires low volumes in use.
  • Applications include flux removal from PCB’s, magnetic head and electrical contact cleaning, and many other similar precision cleaning applications.
  • Available in aerosol, trigger spray and bulk quantities.


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