Product features


  • High intensity flood lamp for large area irradiation
  • Compact, lightweight and durable
  • Fan cooled
  • 135 V to UV hand lamp for added electrical safety
  • Filter glass assembly is fitted to a hinged front door, enabling easy access for UV bulb replacement and cleaning
  • Elapsed hour counter for service scheduling
  • Safety wire mesh over filter glass
  • Mounting bracket
Emission spectrum for Iron (Fe) doped metal halide UV bulb

Power supply options

  • 230 V 50/60 Hz or 115 V 50/60 Hz

UV light spectral output

  • The selection of UV bulb and filter glass will depend on the particular application.
  • The usual combinations are provided in the table below.


Emission spectrum for Gallium (Ga) UV bulb



UV Bulb
Filter Glass
Iron (Fe) or Gallium (Ga)
Clear UV-A
315 nm upwards
Iron (Fe) or Gallium (Ga)
Clear UV-A+B
290 nm upwards
Iron (Fe), Gallium (Ga) or Mercury (Hg)
160 nm upward
400nmhgemissionspectrum 2
Emission spectrum for Mercury (Hg) UV bulb

Technical specification

UV bulb life  Approximately 500 hours depending on age, environment, switching and cooling
UV filter glass size 140 mm x 85 mm x 3 mm
Reflector Aluminium – UVL full spectrum grade
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/50 Hz (60 Hz options available)
Power 410 W
Noise < 70 dB
Rating IP 40
Integral fuse protection 2 x 6.3 A miniature time lag fuses – ceramic body 5 mm x 20 mm
Thermal protection Auto reset thermal cut out
Construction material Sheet aluminum
Coating material UV stable black polyester powder
Connecting cable length 3 m (extensions available)
Weight of UV lamp Approximately 2 Kg


Spare parts and accessories

250w-uv-bulb UV 400 W Bulb
Iron doped metal halide (Fe)
Part Number: UV400WFE
250w-uv-bulb UV 400 W Bulb
Gallium doped metal halide (Ga)
Part Number: UV400WGA
250w-uv-bulb UV 400 W Bulb
Mercury (Hg)
Part Number: UV400WHG
clear-hand-filter_000 Filter Glass Assembly
Clear UV-A
clear-hand-filter_000 Filter Glass Assembly
Clear UV-A+B
clear-hand-filter_000 Filter Glass Assembly
carrying-bag Carrying Bag
Part Number: HL-CARRYBAG
bracket-and-clamp Mounting Bracket & Clamp
Fixes to round poles up to 50 mm Ø & flat surfaces up to 35 mm
Part Number: HL-B&C
5m-extension_000 5 m Connecting Cable
From UV hand lamp to control box
Part Number: HL-EXTCABLE
10m-extension 10 m Connecting Cable
Requires factory fitting
Part Number: HL-EXTCABLE-10
resting-bracket Resting Bracket with Light Shield
Part Number: HL-LS&B

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