What is a fluoropolymer nano coating and how can it protect my circuit board?


A fluoropolymer Nano-coating is an ultra-thin film comprised of fluorocarbons and characterised by carbon-fluorine bonds.

Chemically inert, fluorocarbons are not susceptible to Van der Waals force. This means that films formed using these materials are non-stick (hydrophobic and water repellent) and friction reducing.

Also, due to the fluorine bonds, these Nano-coatings demonstrate a high level of chemical resistance to acids, bases and most solvents.

This makes them interesting materials for protecting electronic circuits. 

What properties of the Nano-coatings areused to protect circuit boards?

Fluoropolymer coatings have very specialised properties.

However, for electronics the main properties that are useful include:

  • Being highly hydrophobic (water repellent)
  • Having a high moisture barrier
  • Having a high chemical resistance
  • Having high dielectric properties
  • Providing high corrosion resistance
  • Providing good abrasion / wear resistance

These properties are excellent for protecting circuit board assemblies in harsh environments.

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