Improve your conformal coating masking process reliability with custom boots

One of the most underestimated reasons for using conformal coating masking boots is that they improve the reliability of the process.

This is because they don’t leak as easily as conformal coating masking tape can!

Diamond MT saved more than 60% of their current masking costs by switching to the SCH range of conformal coating masking boots.The reality is that a well-designed boot will not allow conformal coating to penetrate into a component if it’s placed correctly; and the fact is that this is a very easy thing to do.

An operator using masking tape has to continuously show care and attention when applying the tape to the components. The level of skill required is high.

The level of skill required to apply a masking boot is much lower.

So, fewer errors are made and there are less costly repairs due to leaks.

Therefore, not only do you save up to 60% of your conformal coating masking costs due to reduced process times with boots but you can also improve the reliability of the masking process.

Need to know more about conformal coating masking boots in your application process?

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