How do I selective apply my conformal coating?

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Selective application of conformal coating is this case is applying the conformal coating without using masking to shield components from ingress.

Technically using masking tapes, latex and boots is a selective process. But, we want to look at coating application without masking.

This leaves a couple of different options.

The first is brushing. This is a simple selective process that can be highly effective.

Click Nexus conformal coating brushing technique to find out more.

The second, and the more obvious option, is selective robot.

This process uses a small spray valve (there are many conformal coating spray valve types) that is attached to a robot that follows a set pattern applying the conformal coating selectively to the circuit board.

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Advantages and disadvantages of selective conformal coating robots

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The five advantages and disadvantages of selective application of conformal coating are:


  • Masking can be eliminated or minimised
  • High speed coating process
  • High volume process
  • High quality finish when under control
  • Simple process to operate when set up


  • High engineering skill required for set up and programming
  • High engineering skill required for troubleshooting and supervision
  • High capital cost initially
  • Process controls need to be enforced for good quality production
  • Environment can influence the process controls

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