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SCH provide a broad spectrum of different conformal coating application and process control systems.

These include:

Conformal coating equipment range from SCH TechnologiesLiquid conformal coating application

SCH Technologies supply a range of liquid conformal coating equipment for batch and inline production.

Many of the coating systems are used everyday in our own internal or external coating services around the world.

Applying conformal coatings to printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be relatively simple if the right equipment is selected for the process required.

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The NC400 dip coating system can process fluoropolymer ultra thin coatings cost effectivelyNano coating application

The NC-400 range of Nano Coating dipping machines provide entry level dipping designed for processing nano coatings.

Nano coatings are ultra thin coatings made of materials such as fluoropolymers and high cost fluorinated solvents.

Due to the cost of the materials waste due to evaporation should be minimised. Our Nano coating systems handle this evaporation loss by keeping the solvents contained.

This allows cost-effective nano coating of low and medium volume products.

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SCH provide a range of conformal coating inspection systems and boothsInspection systems

Inspection of conformal coated circuit boards is a critical process that should be carried out on completion of the finishing process. However, it is often neglected stage of the conformal coating process.

SCH provide a range of manual and automated inspection systems that are suitable for low, medium and high volume production inspection.

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Process control tools

In conformal coating of circuit boards there are times when the process needs to be controlled to avoid problems. This can be before, during and after application.

SCH Technologies supply a range of process equipment for control of the conformal coating production line from start to finish.

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UV Curing systems

SCH Technologies supply a high quality, cost-effective range of UV light curing equipment for batch and inline processing of electronics materials like adhesives and conformal coatings.

The use of UV (ultraviolet) cure materials like UV conformal coatings in electronics manufacturing means that productivity in your conformal coating process can be massively increased due to increased process speeds and reduced cure footprint.

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