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SCH Technologies provide unique conformal coating solutions for all of the different material technologies. This includes liquid conformal coatings, Nano coatings and chemical vapour deposition materials (CVD) .

In fact, we cover all aspects of the conformal coating production process including subcontract coating services, equipment, coating and cleaning materials, training and consultancy.

Therefore, we can identify the best conformal coating process for you without compromise.

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Our philosophy

Our customer based, technical approach to all conformal coating and cleaning projects ensures you  get the right solution because you can choose the process that fits your product.

We can offer both outsourced coating subcontract services and in house coating solutions. This ensures you as the customer achieve the best return on their investment, whether that is outsourcing or in-house production.

We are unique in conformal coating

SCH Technologies are unique in the electronics industry as we provide global conformal coating solutions for all types of processing for customers without compromise.

Our capabilities include:

  • Services. Providing a global conformal coating subcontract service for liquid and parylene XY conformal coatings in Europe, USA and Asia.
  • Equipment. Design, manufacture, support and service of conformal coating equipment & application systems for batch processing and Parylene systems.
  • Materials. Distribution of a complete range of of electronics process materials including conformal coatings, Parylene, RFI shielding lacquers, fluoropolymer technology and other unique coating materials.
  • Knowledge. Provide consultation, training, troubleshooting, benchmarking and service contract support in all conformal coating processes.

With over 25 years of working in conformal coating, there is a lot of expertise and knowledge that can be passed through to the end users.

We have a wide range of capabilities that gives a unique perspective and advantage to our customers.

Our customer-focused approach to conformal coating ensures we provide exactly what a customer needs whether that is conformal coating subcontract service, a range of conformal coating equipment, different process materials, training and or technical support.

SCH Technologies can provide your organisation with a safe pathway through the minefield of conformal coating and has the expertise and resources to fulfill your requirements.

Our History

Established since August 2000, SCH Services Ltd initially started life as a UK subcontract conformal coating service. However, it quickly introduced its own range of conformal coating equipment. This was entirely due to the lack of market availability for the right design of batch coating equipment suitable for its own services.

This equipment has evolved with time to the point where it could be offered for sale to customers who wished to process in house and due to the demand, SCH over the years had brought in conformal coating materials, training, consultancy, a full range of process materials to distribute alongside its own brand.

Still privately owned, SCH took a major step forward in 2012 with partnerships agreed in North America, Europe and Asia.

Now, globally, the SCH uniquely offers Parylene, nano coatings and liquid conformal coating services across three continents. Plus, we provide the equipment, materials, consultancy, and training to customers that want to process their printed circuit boards in house rather than subcontract out.

Therefore, we can truly offer the full conformal coating solution that customers ultimately require.

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