SCH offer a wide range of UV cure cabinets providing static flood lamp curing of UV adhesives and conformal coatings which can be optimised for a particular application and depends on UV light irradiation area, UV light wavelength range, UV light intensity, process integration and temperature sensitivity.

UV Curing 1000W Flood Lamp Cabinet

The UV 1000W Cabinet offers static curing of coatings and adhesives with the following standard features:

  • Enclosed high performance UV flood lamp with safety interlock
  • Adjustable shelf position to vary UV light irradiation distance
  • Timer controlled pneumatic shutter system for precise UV light exposure
  • 60% UV bulb power when shutter is closed
  • Shutter status indication
  • UV bulb error indication
  • Access port for UV light meter sensor
  • Fan cooled for temperature management
  • Elapsed hour counter for service scheduling
  • Auto reset thermal cut out
  • CE Approved

Power Supply

230 V 50 Hz (other options available on request)

UV light spectral output

The selection of UV bulb and filter glass will depend on the particular application.

The usual combinations are provided in the table below.


UV Bulb Filter Glass Wavelengths
Iron (Fe) Clear UV-A 315 nm upwards
Iron (Fe) Clear UV-A+B 290 nm upwards
Iron (Fe) or Mercury (Hg) Quartz 160 nm upwards
Emission spectrum for Iron (Fe) doped metal halide UV bulb
Emission spectrum for Mercury (Hg) UV bulb