Where would I use white lithium grease?

Lithium grease is used to lubricate plastic and rubber parts, provide a moisture barrier or seal for components and used where insulation is required.

Why would I use translucent silicone grease?

Silicone grease is used to lubricate and protect high performance bearings, joints, gears and other mechanisms under sliding and rolling friction conditions. Its also excellent on metal to metal applications such as hardened steel, bronze, aluminium.

Where would I use carbon conductive grease?

Carbon conductive grease is use to improve electrical connections between sliding surfaces and improves electrical connections between irregular or pitted surfaces. It also prevents hotspots, welding, arcing and pitting of switch contact surfaces and prevents normally closed switches from corroding in place. Its also excellent for use in EMI shielding applications.

Why do you need a heat transfer compound?

HTC products are used to improve component efficiency and extend component life. You can use heat transfer compound on all electric and electronic devices where efficient heat transfer cooling through thermal coupling is required. This includes semiconductor mounting devices, thermal joints, ballast heat transfer mediums, power resistor mountings, thermocouple wells, transistor diode, silicone rectifier base and mounting studs.