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Conformal coating removal & reworking

conformal coating rework SCH can carry out specialist conformal coating removal and rework of printed circuit boards (PCBs) as a subcontract coating service for customers.

The stripping materials may be hazardous, the process requires specialist skills or the process is just too inconvenient to complete. It is simple to outsource the process.

Removal and stripping of conformal coating from a printed circuit board (PCB) can be one of the most difficult processes to master. There is a fine line to be balanced between removing the coating quickly and efficiently whilst not damaging the PCB. This applies to both mechanical abrasion and chemical removal.

Also, it is important to consider how the choice of a conformal coating material affects the rework and repair issues. The need for rework or repair of a conformal coating can arise at any time after completion of an assembly due to a variety of process/product requirements or component replacement issues.

Therefore, rework of conformal coatings needs to be considered when choosing a coating chemistry.


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Chemical stripping of the conformal coating material

Chemical stripping methods are the most popular for the removal of conformal coatings since proprietary stripping solutions from the coating manufacturer allow some degree of process control.

As long as the solvents used do not adversely affect the PCB or components and there are no environmental issues this technique works well. However, there is no one perfect solvent for all applications and in some cases it may be difficult to find a suitable solvent.

All conformal coatings can be removed. The key to success is to have a functioning working PCB once the process is finished with enough coating removed successfully.

How do you remove conformal coating from a circuit board?

We utilise the WS100 Wet stripping system which allows the operators to gradually remove the conformal coating from the PCB in ever purer proprietary stripping solutions.

Using several stages of stripping using proprietary stripping fluids the process eventually leads to the final stage where the PCB is cleaned to ensure the stripping fluid residues do not do any long term harm to the circuit board.

Key Facts

  • SCH are experienced in removing conformal coating from printed circuit boards
  • We understand the process well and can minimse the risks to the PCBs whilst going through the stripping process
  • We can use a variety of methods including localised and complete removal of all the conformal coating



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