Aeroqual Series 300 Solvent (VOC) Monitoring System

Series 300 Handheld Monitor

The Series 300 can be hand held or fixed in position and provides a high level of functionality & monitoring capability. The Series 305 monitor provides the same functionality as the Series 300, with the added feature of a temperature and humidity sensor.

The Series 300 monitor is compatible with the full range of Aeroqual gas sensors including the VOC sensor for detecting solvent fumes from conformal coatings.

Monitor Specifications

Series 300 Monitor Base

Measurement units

ppm or mg/m 3

Removable / replaceable sensor head


On-board alarm


Alarm status displayed


Low battery indication


Alarm mute function


Sensor condition status


Stand-by mode


External signal for alarms & control

Transistor output, 150 mA max

External signal functions

Low Alarm, High Alarm & Control

Analogue output

0 – 5 V

Power supply

12 VDC, 800 mA

Rechargeable battery pack (optional)

9.6V Ni-MH (5 hours operation)

Portable (with optional battery pack)


Permanently fixable

Screw fix

Remote Sensor Capability


Enclosure rating

IP20 & NEMA 1 equivalent

Size (with sensor head)

195 x 122 x 54 (mm); 7.7 x 4¾ x 2.1 (in)

Weight (with sensor head and battery)

< 460 g; < 16 oz


Part 15 of FCC Rules
EN 50082-1: 1997
EN50081-1: 1992