Where are Epoxy potting compounds and encapsulates used in the electronics Industry?

Potting compounds are used extensively throughout the electronics world. There are many sectors that use these products and they include the aerospace, automotive, military, control drives and automation, medical and alternative energy industries. They are used for protecting sensitive electronic component for a variety of reasons including impact, shock, vibration, heat, conductivity, moisture and chemicals.

Example uses include

  • Circuit analysis protection
  • Heat sink to the CPU chip connection
  • Coil assemblies & transformer
  • Electronic sensor & transducers
  • Low power AC-DC modules
  • Control modules
  • Relays, resistors, capacitors, switches and connectors

How do I create a potting mixture?

To create a potting mixture

  1. Measure a volume of pre-stirred A, and pour in the mixing container.
  2. By the given ratio, measure the corresponding volume of pre-stirred B, and slowly pour in the mixing container while stirring.
  3. With a mix paddle, scrape the walls and bottom of the mixing container.
  4. For 3 minutes, stir slowly in a circular unidirectional motion while folding the material from the bottom onto the top to create a homogeneous mixture.
  5. Let sit for 30 minutes to de-air. —OR— Put in a vacuum chamber, bring to 25 Hg/in pressure, and wait for 2 minutes to de-air.
  6. If bubbles are present at top, use the mixing paddle to break them.

The potting mixture is ready to use. At room temperature, the pot life of the mixture is one hour after first initial mixing. Higher temperatures lower viscosity of the mixture and allows for faster de-airing; however, greater than room temperature shortens the pot life. Similarly, lowering the mixture temperature increases pot life but increases viscosity.

How do I cure the Epoxy?

How do I cure the Epoxy?

Heat accelerated cures not only shorten cures from days to minutes or hours, but typically give better proper ties.

To room temperature cure the MG epoxies

Let stand for 24 hours.

To heat cure the MG epoxies

Put in oven at 65 °C [149 °F] for 60 minutes. –OR–

Put in oven at 80 °C [176 °F] for 45 minutes. –OR–

Put in oven at 100 °C [212 °F] for 35 minutes.

After the initial curing, the epoxy proper ties should continue to improve with time until it reaches its optimum proper ties.

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