What conformal coating application techniques do SCH use in their conformal coating service?

SCH use all of the conformal coating techniques including dipping, spraying, brushing, selective robotic application, conformal coating removal & stripping, cleaning and ionic cleanliness testing.

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All my cards are ESD sensitive. Specify what ESD anti static precautions are used in the conformal coating service?

We use polyamide non silicone conformal coating tape from Humiseal. In our conformal coating service for our ESD protection we have a full ESD floor, shoes and foot straps, wrist straps, bench mats and ESD coats for our technicians.

What documentation shall I send to indicate the areas that I need masking for quoting for conformal coating service ?

For masking the minimum we need to quote relatively accurately is a drawing(s) of the PCBs with masking indicated. A photograph or sample with the PCB allows us to be even more exact with our costings.