Why use a drying cabinet for drying and curing your conformal coated PCBs?

When applying a paint like a conformal coating or a lacquer to a product like printed circuit board it is crucial to take the wet coated PCB away from the work environment. This is for three reasons.

The PCB may get contaminant from air borne particulates and this will be really difficult to remove. this could be a cosmetic affect only but ultimately it should be avoided.

The coatings used are sticky and so operators can accidently touch them whilst wet and damage the coating finish.

The coatings could be solvent based or harmful / poisonous to the operators around and whilst drying they will emit the solvents into the work environment. Better to have them extracted away.

Can the DC100 drying cabinet be used at higher temperatures?

The DC100 system as an ambient temperature cure cabinet for wet coated PCBs. The purpose of the cabinet is to take away harmful solvents and keep dust away from the PCBs.

What are the extraction rates for the DC100 drying cabinet?

As far as the Drying Cabinet is concerned, extraction rates required are minimal with the doors closed

because whilst the system is not a sealed cabinet the gaps around the doors and the introduced louvre vents necessary, offer limited airflow – just a gentle continuous removal of the heavier than air solvents, at somewhere less than 100 cfm.

With the doors open you would be looking at a rate approaching 2000 cfm which when in use would be excessive and could cause more harm than good with an over accelerated drying rate and dust / airborne contamination.

What are the exact dimensions for the DC100 drying cabinet?

The dimensions for the system are as follows: External dimensions    

1005 x 625 x 1845mm (w x d x h) 645mm deep including hinges

39.6 x 24.6 x 72.6inch (w x d x h) 25.4inch deep including hinges

Depths do not include extraction fittings.

Internal dimensions

950 x 600 x 1800mm (w x d x h)

37.4 x 23.6 x 70.9inch (w x d x h)

915mm (36inch) opening between the doors when fully opened should you want to slide a board holding PCB’s straight in.

Shelf dimensions

940 x 450mm   (w x d )

37.0 x 17.7inch (w x d )

Shelf Spacing

90mm (3.5 inch) between brackets – 55mm 2.2 inch) between shelves

90mm (3.5 inch) between brackets – 55mm 2.2 inch) between shelves

The shelves are made from1″(25.4mm) square welded mesh using 3.00mm approx. copper coated mild steel wire, bent and powder coated.