Conformal Coating Application Equipment

Applying conformal coatings to printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be relatively simple if the right equipment is selected and the PCB is designed for coating.

SCH Technologies supply a range of conformal coating equipment for batch processing including vapour deposition systems and liquid conformal coating dip and spray machines.

This allows SCH Technologies to offer the complete conformal coating solution regardless of the needs of the customer.

Conformal Coating Dip Systems

SCH design, manufacture and sell their complete range of dipping machines globally. We can offer a full selection of systems including:

Inline high volume Dip Coating and Curing Systems
Floor standing Batch Dip Machines
Bench top Dip Systems

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Conformal Coating Spray Systems

The CB100 Conformal Coating Spray Booth is designed specifically for spray application of materials such as conformal coatings and RFI EMI shielding paints onto printed circuit boards and small size products.

The CB100 Spray Booth is a free standing, purpose built system, which can be made to customer’s size and specification requirements. The CB100 is designed for safe application of coatings whilst spraying, without compromise to performance, quality or throughput.

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Conformal Coating Drying Cabinets

Designed to be used in conjunction with conformal coating application equipment, the DC100 floor standing drying cabinet was designed specifically for practical conformal coating air temperature drying of conformal coating on the printed circuit boards (PCBs) away from air borne contamination.

This compactly designed wet coating storage system not only offers an enclosed extraction area for protecting newly coated PCBs from contamination during the drying process, but also safely removing excess solvents through the attached exhaust.

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