Some of the most important pieces of your hardware are minuscule. The high performance and durability of your circuit boards greatly depend on their longevity. These tiny powerful technologies are prone to damage brought about by contamination, dust, fungus, moisture, and other forms of corrosion.

Conformal coating will conform to the intricate shapes of your circuit boards and protect them from elements that can damage them. SCH Technologies and Thin Film Partners are one of the leading service providers in the field of conformal coating.

It takes expertise and experience to do these sensitive coating procedures. The people handling your boards should be knowledgeable in the kind of chemicals that will be coated on your electronics. SCH and Thin Film have everything from masking boots to plasma treatment and fluoropolymer coating.

Masking boots are protective coverings placed on certain parts of your circuit boards. Other masking materials include masking tapes and masking dots. These are applied using advanced techniques such as Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Molecular Vapour Deposition (MVD).

Masking materials protect components that should not be coated. Thin Film uses masking dots that are compatible with all types of conformal coatings such as polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy, and silicone. They also offer reusable masking boots for more cost-efficient options.

Plasma treatment is a technique that improves the cleaning and coating process of boards. Plasma efficiently cleans the surface of circuit boards, making it contamination-free. It also allows for better adhesion and bonding of conformal coating and Parylene. Not only that, this process can coat with a thin film and make it a barrier to water and moisture.

Fluoropolymer coatings exhibit exceptional hardness, heat, and chemical resistance. It also effectively repels moisture. It can be applied to different electronics such as monitors and screens, photoresists, aircraft, and even automotive surfaces. Fluoropolymer can even be modified to increase its hardness, adhesion, and scratch resistance.

SCH Technologies and Thin Film will showcase their high-quality conformal coating materials at the APEX EXPO, Booth 2848 on February 11-16, 2017. Drop by their booth to know more about how you can protect your circuit boards and other electronics!