Can the IB100 inspection booth be used in ambient light or does it need to be in a darkened room?

The single & double inspection booths can be used in ambient light and have UV tube lights built in. The system was designed for inspecting PCB’s with a UV trace present in the coating and as such is black inside. However, additional light shielding may be advisable if the ambient light is very bright as it works better in the dark.

What is the weight of the IB100 inspection booth?

The weight of the unit should be in the region of 60 / 65kg.

What is the best wavelength range for optimal stimulation of the fluorescent effect in the conformal coating? Also, what is the wavelength range of the fluorescent lights SCH use? Is it 315-400nm?

The optical brightener will glow at a wavelength range between 300-400nm. That is what most of the manufacturer of UV lights are specifying in their tubes. However its maximum peaks are at 365nm and 450nm.