UV conformal coating conveyors FAQs


SCH offer two types of lamp with their inline UV curing conveyors. Whats the difference?

The UV100 system is a SMEMA conveyor system for modular handling oftwo distinctly different UV lamp configurations.

These two types of UV lamps available for curing UV curable conformal coatings are arc lamps and microwave lamps. I have listed the difference below for the two technologies.

UV arc lamps

The UV arc lamps are much lower in capital cost compared to the UV microwave systems. The life time of a bulb is approx 500-1000 hours, depending how the lamp system is used, and, after this time the output power will degrade to be about 60% of the initial value.

This drop in power can be critical if the speed of the conveyor is approaching the limit of the cure ability of the lamp and the UV conformal coating and may need to be monitored. If the system is run slow enough this may not be an issue (relative to heat cure a slow speed is still pretty fast!). The cost of the replacement UV bulbs are typically £150-200,depending upon the lamp fill, which is a similar price to the microwave bulbs. It must also be noted that UC arc lamps also run a little hotter than the UV microwave lamps.

UV microwave lamps

The microwaves lamp will last much longer. Depending on the model lifetime can be quoted between 4000-8000 hours and one model guarantees 9000 hours. During this time there is very little power degradation. The UV lamp will not extinguish until the end of its life in this time period. The cost for the bulbs are similar.

Generally, as a rule of thumb if cost is very tight then we recommend the UV arc lamps, especially if there is low volume use and high speed is not critical. If it is higher volume, higher speed then we generally recommend UV microwave lamp technology since it is generally more economic and no maintenance is involved in monitoring the UV output.

What are the phase power requirements for the microwave UV lamps on the conveyors for curing Humiseal UV40?

The power requirements are dependent on the cure width selected. For a 6″ (15cm) UV cure lamp the power consumption is single phase and for the 12″ (30cm) the requirement is 3 phase.