UV 35W curing torch

Product features 35w-torch_000

Re-chargeable battery operation
Interchangeable battery pack
Compact, lightweight and durable
High intensity, long throw UV light output
Hot re-strike after 5 seconds
Full UV light output after 15 seconds

Power supply

Re-chargeable battery operation (battery charger requires 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz)

UV light spectral output 35w-blacklight

A 35 W high intensity discharge Xenon UV bulb is used in combination with a black woods glass filter to produce a UV light spectral output within the wavelength range 315 nm – 405 nm, optimum for UV-A curing and bonding applications.

Filter Glass Wavelengths Peak output
Black 315 nm – 405 nm 365 n

Technical Specification

UV bulb Xenon 35 W high intensity discharge (ozone free)
UV bulb operating life Approximately 2,000 hours depending on age, environment, switching and cooling
UV filter glass Black (woods glass) – 140 mm diameter
Reflector material Aluminium – UVL full spectrum grade
Reflector size 135 mm diameter
Rating IP 54
Weight (including battery) Approximately 1.9 Kg
Power Supply UVLT battery pack 16.8 V DC

UV 35W Torch Battery Pack

Battery run time (continuous) Approximately 40 minutes from a re-charge time of 4 hours
Battery life Approximately 300 charging cycles
Dimensions 170 mm x 63 mm x 45 mm
Weight 0.75 Kg
Rating IP 54

Spare parts and accessories

35w-bulb UV 35 W Bulb
Xenon (Xe)
Part Number: UV35W-P-BULB
35w-filter-glass Filter Glass
Part Number: PB0444
35w-battery Re-chargeable Battery Pack
Part Number: UV35W-BATPACK
35w-charger Battery Charger
Part Number: UV35W-CHARGER
35w-shoulder-strap Shoulder Strap Kit
Part Number: UV35W-STRAP
35w-bag Carrying Bag
Part Number: UV35W-BAG

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