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SCH Technologies provide a comprehensive range of potting and encapsulation coating service processesOur Global Coating Services in North America, Europe and Asia offer many different encapsulating and potting compound processes as a subcontract coating service.

An encapsulate or potting compound is a liquid resin system comprised of either one or two components that are poured over electrical and electronic components or circuit boards.

These encapsulating resins are designed for a variety of applications to protect the product including electrical insulation, environmental protection from moisture, water and chemicals and mechanical attack from thermal shock and vibration. This protection allows these electronics to be used in many more applications ensuring reliable, long-term performance.


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What is Potting and encapsulation?

This process can be broken down into a few key methods: potting, casting and encapsulation. Many names have been used interchangeably so there is some confusion of the terms.

The most commonly used term is encapsulation or potting. The definitions mostly used in the industry is as follows:


The potting method uses a “pot” or case or shell to put the device in and then pour the liquid potting compound to the top of the case covering the device and completely encasing it. The case becomes part of the finished unit. This is the most common method used, especially for high speed and many-units-per-hour production-line conditions.


The casting method is the same idea but instead of a case that stays apart of the unit a mold is use and removed after the potting compound has hardened. Sometimes this is also referred to as encapsulation. This is used when a molded unit is desired.


The encapsulation method is also referred to when a device is dipped into a resin system and a thick coating completely surrounds the unit. Sometimes this is just called a “dip coating”. Molded device is a normally described as an encapsulated unit.

Potting of a circuit board to protect it from the environment



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