Parylene coating services

A vertical chamber Parylene systemSCH provide Parylene coating services in North America, Europe and Asia that can apply the material as a subcontract outsource service.

We can provide the best results for our customer due to our intimate knowledge of the application process, our preparation and application process controls, our state of the facilities and our experience in applying Parylene successfully to a large range of products.

Range of services

SCH and our partner companies use a range of application methods, materials and process controls. Therefore, we can provide the right services for you.

Dimer materials

We apply all the different types of Parylene dimer including C, N and F. Also, the materials we use are of the highest purity and include mil spec qualified Parylene dimer material. As a result we use the fullest range of coatings available.

Production methods

The range of application processes we have available include vertical, horizontal and lab scale Parylene systems. Hence, we can provide all of the standard coating methods required.

We also have full cleaning and cleanliness testing of the Printed circuit board (PCB) including ionic contamination testing and Dyne surface energy pens for control of process. Therefore, you can be sure the circuit board is prepared correctly before coating application.

Process control

Our process control is second to none in our facilities due to the fact that we control factors like cleanliness, temperature and humidity.

Further, our service set up applies state of the art knowledge and experience in a practical way that ensures the best services are provided for the customer.

We are also ISO9000 and ISO14000 qualified and we have specialist qualifications where required. Therefore, the customer always gets a consistently high level of quality.

Want to know more about Parylene?

Check out Nexus, an independent conformal coating resource, who provide detailed information on all areas of the Parylene conformal coating process.



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