Parylene conformal coating services

A vertical chamber Parylene systemSCH Technologies is part of a group of global coating services in North America, Europe and Asia that can apply Parylene conformal coating materials as a subcontract conformal coating service.

The critical factors that ensure that we give the best results for a customer are our intimate knowledge of the parylene conformal coating application process, our preparation and application process controls, our state of the facilities and our experience in applying parylene successfully to a large range of products.


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Key facts

  • We have global coating services in North America, Europe and Asia to apply Parylene as a subcontract service
  • We have expertise in all areas of parylene and can solve many issues relating to this process
  • We can provide coating services within your facility offering full support through equipment, materials, staff and knowledge

Main benefits of Parylene

The Parylene process is a vapour deposition process differing significantly to all of the other liquid conformal coatings available. This difference leads to many unique advantages:

  • Uniform coating – Parylene coatings are completely conformal, have a uniform thickness and are pinhole free. As a result, component configurations with sharp edges, points, flat surfaces, crevices or exposed internal surfaces are coated uniformly without voids.
  • Inert – Parylene coatings is chemically and biologically inert and stable and make excellent barrier material.
  • Excellent electrical properties – Parylene conformal coating has excellent electrical properties: low dielectric constant and loss with good high-frequency properties; good dielectric strength; and high bulk and surface resistance.
  • Optically clear – Parylene is transparent and can be used to coat optical elements.
  • Qualified – Parylene complies with USP Class VI Plastics requirements and are MIL-I- 46058C / IPC-CC-830B listed.
  • Pinhole free – Coatings are truly conformal, of uniform controllable thickness, and are completely pinhole-free at thicknesses greater than 0.5µm.

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Parylene coating used on high value electronics to protect them from the environment



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