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“The relationship and customer service from SCH has been excellent, their willingness to change and adapt to our business needs has been refreshing and critical in us meeting the demands of our customer.  We look forward to building on the relationship and partnership today and in the future”


“The quality work that SCH carry out on our military products, combined with their excellent delivery, flexibility of working and communication ensures that we are able to provide our customers with exactly what they need”


“Knowing that SCH can help achieve our business requirements in a short timeframe allows our customers to have confidence in what we do”


“Since forming a relationship with SCH, we have found the organisation professional and flexible, offering a reliable service with competitive pricing”


“Conformal coating has become an industry standard method in sealing delicate components from environmental contamination and SCH Services were instrumental in helping us meet our customer expectations strategy”

Deutsch Interconnection Solutions

“At AMP Ltd, our products not only have to function well above specification but they must also have the best visual and cosmetic finish.  Through on-going consultation SCH have been able to apply their considerable expertise towards delivering timely, cost-effective and top quality solutions to AMP”


“SCH has provided Delphi Design and Development Group based in Liverpool with an excellent Conformal Coat Service. SCH’s ability to meet Delphi’s timing and quality goals has been exceptional. Their knowledge of PCB coating gave us high confidence in the beginning; they have lived up to our expectations and continue to provide Delphi with an excellent service.”

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