UV curing

UV cure equipment for conformal coating

The use of UV (ultraviolet) cure materials like conformal coatings in electronics manufacturing mean that productivity in your conformal coating process can be massively increased due to increased process speeds and reduced cure footprint.

SCH Technologies supply a high quality, cost-effective range of UV light curing equipment for batch and inline processing of electronics materials like adhesives and conformal coating.

This allows SCH to offer the complete UV cure solution regardless of the needs of the customer.

UV200 conveyor system UVoven2cutout_000

The UV200 curing conveyor is designed for high volume UV cure of conformal coatings and adhesives.

The system utilises

  • High energy fusion microwave lamp technology for curing
  • A dedicated SMEMA conveyor design with pin edge chain configuration
  • Variable lamp height adjustment for accurate focussing of light

This provides a sophisticated, reliable integrated system for inline UV cure processing.

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UV cure meters

uv-exposure-meter_000Controlling the UV light process can be a critical factor in good coating production.

SCH offer a wide range of UV light meters for measurement of UV light irradiance or UV light exposure within specific wavelength regions, to determine:

  • UV bulb ageing characteristics
  • UV light transmission factors of transparent materials
  • The value obtained is within the specified limits to meet a process requirement

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