NEW! SCH launch a Parylene lab coating system at SMT Show

Parylene lab coating system 6 240SCH Technologies, the conformal coating solutions provider, are exhibiting a range of Parylene systems at the SMT Show in Nuremberg in May.

This range, complete with large-scale production systems, includes a new cost effective small-scale Parylene lab coating system designed for trials and low volume manufacture.

Designed with experience from processing with Parylene the new design has several key features that make it stand out as a top class product.

  • Sensibly sized chamber with a usable space of 8.75” dia. x 11.188” H (22.2 cm diameter, 28.4 cm H) internally
  • Electro-polished stainless steel chamber with a micro-soap used to prevent adhesion of Parylene to the chamber surfaces
  • Top specification parts such as quartz pyrolysis tube, chiller, vacuum pump and baffles to ensure high quality processing
  • Options such as swappable chambers and Vapour Phase Silane (VPS) adhesion promotion systems where required.

What is also critical is that the Parylene machine is offered at a highly competitive price for a top quality system.

This allows SCH to be world leading in offering this system in Europe and Asia.

Unique Parylene solutions

SCH supply a range of Parylene coating systems to suit small, medium or large volume end users.

We also provide a full range of Parylene dimers including mil spec approved materials.

What is also unique is that we offer full training, installation, process development and continuous support for your process throughout the lifetime of the machine, as you require.

We can offer:

  • Parylene systems
  • Parylene dimer material
  • Process development (adhesion promotion, masking, application)
  • Experience, knowledge, and expertise

This is a unique turnkey solution.

Why are our Parylene solutions unique?

Range of Parylene coating systems from SCH Technologies including lab scale and full production systems

Our unique advantage is that we can also help you develop your Parylene process.

This is unique in the world of Parylene where subcontract service is the number one form of business.

Everyone knows Parylene coating is complex.

Some of the most complex processes can be masking and getting the coating to adhere. However, little information is available openly on how to complete these tasks.

Our group can help you understand what you need to succeed.

Developing the process is the critical step and SCH Technologies will help you achieve this.

We will use our labs globally and our team on the ground to work through the processes together.

This will produce a solution that you can then integrate into the Parylene equipment process in your facility.

Want to find out more about our Parylene solutions?

Find out more by visiting us at the SMT Show in Nuremberg at our stand number 345 in Hall 4 and discussing your Parylene needs.

Or contact us directly on +44 (1226) 249019 or