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We have a full range of high temperature and low temperature fluoropolymer nano-coatings available from Thin Film Partners.

They include:

Our fluoropolymers are being applied to many different products. They are tried and tested and solve many peoples problems.

This gives us confidence that we can find you the right material for your solutions.

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LT Series (Room Temperature cure)

SCH provide two proprietary low temperature fluoropolymer coating formulations, LT-4 and LT-8. They have similar protection properties but differ in liquid carrier.

Performance properties of LT-4 and LT-8

The fluorocarbon coatings have excellent physical properties:

  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic surface performance
  • Superior moisture and salt barrier properties
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High resistance to chemicals/solvents
  • Resists heat to 200C
  • Survives Gamma, E-beam and EtOH sterilization
  • Good adhesion
  • Will not occlude fine gauge mesh openings
  • Well suited for: pcb, electronics, metals, MEMS, sensors, plastics, steel mesh, membranes, fabrics
  • Adaptable and customisable chemistry
  • Re-workable, solderable
  • Optically clear liquid formulation
  • Film thickness from 200 nanometers to 2+ microns
  • Varying fluorocarbon solids from 0.1% upwards
  • Transparent, colorless film
  • Low viscosity, low surface tension solution

LT-4 and LT-8 Difference

The difference between the two coatings (LT-4 and LT-8) is the solvent carrier.

The LT-coating 4 is based upon standard solvents (acetone, butyl acetate) and MEK and provides a commercially price sensitive solution.

The LT-8 coating uses a fluorosolvent carrier that is a safe alternative to the environment and the operator.


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UVX (UV-cure)

UVX is a PFPE / polyurethane blended product that displays exceptional hardness, heat and chemical resistance, and repels moisture.

UVX is cured by ultraviolet (UV) light. This means the coating is cured very quickly.

It has been utilised well on many substrates including glass, metal and plastics that rely on both its super hydrophobic nature (>160° in water) and hardness.

This means it can work exceptionally well with monitors, screens and other forms of telecommunications.

Performance properties of UVX

The UVX fluorocarbon coating has excellent physical properties:

  • Used on all substrates (glass, metal, plastic).
  • UV-curable, also heat or air-dry.
  • High impact resistance
  • Super hydrophobic (>160° in water)
  • High resistance to heat and chemicals
  • Compatible with markers and pigments
  • Optimized properties at 25um
  • Can be applied to monitors and screens, electronics, photoresists, aircraft, automotive surfaces
  • Transparent, with low refractive index
  • Coating can be modified for increased hardness, scratch resistance, and/or adhesion strength to multiple substrates

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OPX (Microthin Fluoropolymer)

OPX is a a very robust and abrasion resistant high performance PFPE blended with polysilane.

OPX is a robust and long-lasting thin film that chemically bonds to almost any surface (silica, quartz, glass, metal and most plastics).

Performance properties of OPX

The OPX fluorocarbon coating has excellent physical properties:

  • Refractive Index 1.3
  • Contact angle (water) >110°
  • Contact angle (mineral oil) >70°
  • Withstands 5000+ rubs with steel wool.
  • Anti-scratching and anti-smudging properties makes OPX an ideal solution for coating: touch-panel displays, cell phones, LCD, optical filters/lenses and electronic boards
  • Maintains contact angle after abrasion and exposure to IPA, acetone, others.
  • Transparent film
  • Protective coatings for electronic components – ALL of them. Protection for internal pcb, coatings for external case, sub-micron abrasion-resistant coatings for glass display

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